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Fact: We’re all selfish assholes.

Let’s start this off with a situation: You are sitting on a park bench watching your children happily playing, and in the opposite direction you hear a child screaming in fear. You turn around to try and find the source of this screaming, and you see a small child running away from a middle-aged man. What’s your reaction?

Society has primed us to perceive certain situations and arrive at what we feel is a logical conclusion, but in this instance, this is just a Father chasing his daughter with a small, scary looking insect he found on a tree. The Father eventually catches his daughter, and they fall to the ground in a warm embrace and the girl starts laughing. On the other side of the park, you see a woman staring lovingly at the Father and daughter with one of the most genuine, sincere smiles you’ve ever seen. It’s been quite a while since she has seen her husband and daughter play together like this and her heart is so full of love and happiness rig…