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Living with Anxiety

Anxiety is a bitch.
My emotional side and my logical side were constantly in a tug of war with each other. I had always been an incredibly logical person and was capable of removing emotion from any situation in order to determine the correct course of action. Whether that be decision making or responding to tense or confrontational situations. While I was suffering from Anxiety I lost this quality in myself, and I've always felt like that is a big component of what made me, me. I had lost a lot of who I was when I was initially diagnosed with Anxiety, and after I began taking medication it was back to my regularly scheduled programming for roughly six months, and then I lost it again which invariably led to an increase in the dosage of the medication I was taking. It was an incredibly confusing time for me, and it showed.
Anxiety presented itself to me in a way that I didn't initially consider as stereotypical Anxiety. Lack of concentration was a very big part of it for me, …